Weekly Growl

September 10 - 14, 2018

This Week

Monday, September 10

  • 5:30 Football 7B/7A vs. Ridgeview @ Cedar Ridge HS

Tuesday, September 11

  • Vision and Hearing Screening for Students (Library Closed)
  • 5:30 Football 8B/8A vs. Ridgeview @ Stony Point HS

Wednesday, September 12

  • Hispanic Heritage Celebration (Activity Bell Schedule)

  • 3:45 Faculty Meeting

  • 5:30 Volleyball 7B/7A vs. Grisham

  • 5:30 Volleyball 8B/8A @ Grisham

  • 5:30 Principal Selection Meeting, Cafeteria

Thursday, September 13

  • Hispanic Heritage Celebration (Activity Bell Schedule)

  • 7B/8B Volleyball Tournaments

Friday, September 14

  • 9:45 Lockdown Drill
  • Back to School Dance

Saturday, September 15

  • 7B/8B Volleyball Tournaments

Next Week

September 10 - 14

Monday, September 17

  • School Picture Day

  • 5:30 7B/7A Football vs. Walsh @ SPHS

Tuesday, September 18

  • 5:30 8B/8A Football @ Walsh

Wednesday, September 19

  • 5:30 Volleyball 7B/7A @ Deerpark

  • 5:30 Volleyball 8B/8A vs. Deerpark

Thursday, September 20

  • 12:00 Evacuation Drill

  • 8A, 7A Volleyball Tournaments

Friday, September 21

Saturday, September 22

  • 8A, 7A Volleyball Tournaments

Coming Up

Sep. 24 5:30 7B/7A Football vs. Grisham @ Westwood HS

Sep. 25 5:30 8B/8A Football vs. Grisham @ SPHS

Sep. 25 HeMS Band Performs @ Hernandez vs. Grisham Football Game

Sep. 26 Flu Shot Clinic

Sep. 27 5:30 7B/7A Volleyball vs. C.D. Fulkes

Sep. 27 5:30 8B/8A Volleyball @ C.D. Fulkes

Sep. 28 Culture of Caring Day (United Way Service at Hernandez)

Oct. 1 6:00 Festival of Bands @ Kelly Reeves Stadium

Oct. 2 5:30 7B/7A Football vs. Deerpark @ SPHS

Oct. 3 5:30 8B/8A Football vs. Deerpark @ MHS

Oct. 4 IB Evaluation Visit

Oct. 4 5:30 7B/7A Volleyball @ Walsh

Oct. 4 5:30 8B/8A Volleyball vs. Walsh

Big picture
Mrs.Aguilera, thank you so much for all your help and for covering my lunches. I appreciate you! Mrs.Donosso, Mrs.Yanez & Ms.Bradford thank you for helping me with anything sub related and answering my millions of questions. Ms.Reiswig thank you for being flexible and helping cover gym (I know it's not your cup of tea but you were still there when needed) and helping out Mrs.Cole. Mr.Sanchez & Mr.Rodriguez for always checking in with me every morning to see if they need to cover any classes. To Mrs.Reininger & Ms.Medina for giving my subs lesson plans and helping subs since the beginning of the school year, I know y'all have your hands full and still found time to not only help those subs but also the students! To all the teachers who submitted their daily schedule, thank you so much it makes it much easier on the subs to figure out where they need to be for the day. Thank you thank you thank you!

- Dayana Martinez

Kudos to Mrs. Perch for volunteering to run concessions for Volleyball!

- Valarie Cortes

Kudos to Cristy Crowder who has taken in my flex students (in addition to her own) for the past 2 weeks to that I could teach Partners in Choir with the FAC and FCC classes.

- Sarah Martinez

Kudos to the WONDERFULLY AWESOME Math Department!! You are the best!! Thank you for you hard work and dedication to our students and their learning. You are valued!

- Dianne Shaver

Kudos to Powell and Hawkins for helping to make new 6th grade team welcome and appreciated! You girls ROCK.

- Dama Hamrick

Kudos to Mr. Chaneski! For reading my emails and sending me all documentation necessary with out being asked.

- Marbel Donosso

Big picture

Hanna Schultz 3

Brittany Vargesko 14

Gabriel Sanchez 23

Cherri Urban 27