Places to Explore in Munnar

Kerala has been rightly assigned the sobriquet 'God's own country'. As the place is rich with numerous attractive hill stations and landscape beauties, it is always a delight to pay visits to its array of enchanting locales, of which Munnar is certainly the one. There are many exotic and bewitching places to explore in Munnar hill station. Set snugly amidst the sylvan surroundings, Munnar is kissed with nature's charm. At an elevation of about 1524 meter, this typical hill station embraces majestic mountains, lofty valleys and sprawling tea plantations. However, it is the presence of several colonial architectural marvels amidst the unblemished natural beauty of the region that adds to its credit.

To know Munnar from close quarters, you must make an exhaustive travel plan and take a journey across the hill station. For your knowledge some of the special information about this hill station is given below.

1. Tourist Attractions in Munnar

You will truly be enthralled and drawn to the spiraling lanes taking you to the exotic hill station of Munnar. En route, the streets covered with eucalyptus and other moss-clad vegetation will hold your attention and the fresh breeze will cast its magical spell on your mind. However, by the time you reach the famous tea gardens in Munnar, you will already be engrossed in its inescapable charm. Sprawling over 30 estates, the tea gardens are undoubtedly must to be included in your itinerary. Here, you will be able to savor exciting flavors of local brews.

Apart from tea gardens, you can also explore the fantastic Mattupetty Lake and Dam. Covered with motley of thickets, luscious tea plantations and dotted with cascading waterfalls, Mattupetty commands a spectacular view of Munnar. Besides, there is a popular Shola forests also near Mattupetty shelters. The forest serves as an intimate abode to variety of bird species and makes an interesting picnic spot for the visitors and tourists.

You can also travel to Devikulam. It is about 7 kms from Munnar. The ethereal and pastoral charm of this place is impossible to ignore. Take a trip to the frequently visited Sita Devi Lake too. The pristine calmness of the place along with several recreational facilities is sure to enchant you.

2. Things to do in Munnar

Munnar is a paradise for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts. Blessed with attractive spots and natural abundance, the exquisite hill station offers you amazing options to go on bird watching at the famous Shola forests. Mattupetty Lake and Dam, on the other hand, are best to take up boating and trekking adventure. The place is also ideal to organize a family picnic. The Sita Devi Lake also makes an exciting venue for pleasurable tour here. You will find large number of anglers on the spot fishing for trout. Enjoy trout fishing at the lake. The site is also famous with honeymooners and picnickers.

3. Hotels in Munnar

Munnar hotels are many in number and offer matchless facilities and services to add to your experience of a happy stay in the place. From luxurious to modest, Munnar has every kind of accommodation options to cater to your interest.

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