Personalized Learning Update

LGHS and Cohort 16

Refining the LGHS Vision

Your LGHS Design Team has been working diligently to complete the School Readiness Criteria (SRC). The SRC is a detailed blueprint of how we will implement our vision. The work is forcing us to think concretely about our proposed "houses." After completing Part 1, the group presented at the Board of Education. We still need to add greater specificity to our plan, yet we earned positive comments regarding the work we had done.

On Monday, October 5th, Mr. Reynolds and Toni Collie will be visiting every department during their respective planning periods to discuss the plan in greater detail and to answer questions. Our goal is to ensure that everyone is aware of the process, where we are in that process, and what you can expect as we move forward.

Meet Kimberly Sheppard

Dr. Sheppard is a Henry County Personalized Learning Coach; she will be working with us as we implement our personalized learning vision.

In her words...

I am currently in my twelfth year of education in Henry County. Having run the gamut, I have worked with all age ranges but always with a high emphasis on ELA, Social Sciences, and especially technology. I am passionate about integrating technology into various subjects and providing teachers and students with resources and the knowledge of how to make those resources. I have taught using a flipped classroom for five years and have led professional development on how to implement this model. Researching new technology and areas of curriculum has been a personal interest so to further that interest I work part time as an adjunct professor.


  • Providing Support With Computer Skills
  • Flipped Classroom
  • Screencasting
  • Movie Making
  • Creating Documents/Forms in various formats
  • Webdesign internet based, HTML & CSS
  • Basic Coding
  • Professional Development

Braden River High and Clearwater High

Mr. Mason, Mr. Reynolds, Mr. Shook, and Mr. Smith visited 2 schools in Florida; they went to Braden River High and to Clearwater High. Instructional practices at both schools revealed a focus on students and their preparation for life after high school. While Clearwater was still in the pilot phase, Braden River was fully operational.

At Braden River, the students set goals for themselves, create products that demonstrate their mastery of standards, and participate in international competitions. The students also work toward and earn numerous industry certifications based on their chosen pathways. The teachers act as facilitators and managers, providing instruction and clarification as students need it. This visit allowed LGHS staff members to see our proposed vision in action. Ask one of them to explain the pictures below!

The Flipped Class: Is Flipping for Everyone?

LGHS Definition of Personalized Learning

We want to create a learning environment that promotes student ownership, strives for personal fulfillment based on individual needs, and fosters creativity by giving students options and a voice so that they are equipped with the tools to be productive citizens and leaders.
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