Opening Perch!

By Ching-Hung Chang (Clement) Vu-PAP Bio-1


Students will learn the placement of organs and their relationship to one another by dissecting Perch

About Perch

Perch, Perca (Perch refer to Genus), is a type of freshwater carnivorous fish belonging to phylum Chrodata. The name perch, comes from Greek word perke meaning spotted. That is due to the 6-8 vertical bands on the sides. An adaptation for finding mates, their anal, pelvic, and pectoral fins are bright when it is in mating season. Perchs are one of the favorite target for fisherman. They are easy to find and to fish.


Perch Circulatory System

Perch's circulatory system contains two chambered heart, gill, and various arteries and veins. It is considered closed circulatory system. Perch's circulatory system is single looped. The blood goes in a order- Blood gets pump out of ventricle to gill where blood is oxygenated, distribute to the body, come back to atrium through veins and to ventricle.