Say No To People You Don't Know!

Being safe on the internet!

Internet Safety!

To be safe on the internet, on any social network, you need to keep your account private. You can do this by going on account settings and selecting the option, 'only my friends can see my profile'. But for this to work, don't add or accept anyone who you don't know personally, that way you can keep safe without having to delete your account!

But if you do have people on your account that you don't know, then just delete them, even if you think you know them personally. They're are even some people who pretend to be someone they're not, so keep your account personal. Don't say where you live, go to school or anything personal. Don't write status' about where you're going or where you've been either.

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When taking pictures of yourself, it is primary to follow these rules:

-Don't post photos of yourself if your settings are set so everyone can see your profile.

-Don't post photos you wouldn't want your nanny to see.

-Be responsible.

-Don't post photos in your whereabouts.

-Don't post photos in your uniform for school.