What's Happening

Week of May 6th

SCHEDULE FOR THE WEEK of May 6th (Staff Appreciation Week)

Monday, May 6th

7:30 Pick up paper/pencil tests for Alt school

8:00 ISASP prep

9:00-12:00 ISASP support

11:30 Evaluation meeting

1:30 ALT school meeting

2:50 PLCs and PD

Tuesday, May 7th

8:00 ISASP prep

8:00 Preschool team

9:00-12:00 ISASP support

11:00 Parent meeting

1:00 Evaluation meeting

3:40 10 minute Stand Up meeting

4:30 Conference call

5:30 PTO Meeting

6:30 Help make mints for graduation

Wednesday, May 8th

8:00 ISASP prep

8:00 Preschool transition meeting

9:00-12:00 ISASP support

9:00 Preschool transition meeting

11:00 IEP meeting

12:00 Check in with student

1:00 Preschool transition meeting

2:00 Preschool transition meeting

4:00 All Admin meeting

Thursday, May 9th

7:30 Blood Draw

8:00 SPED team meeting

8:00 ISASP prep

9:00-12:00 ISASP support

9:00-11:00 5th grade to West Middle

1:30 2nd grade Assembly for bicycle safety

2:15 Evaluation meeting

3:00 Evaluation meeting

4:00 TQ meeting

Friday, May 10th

8:00 ISASP prep

8:25 Walk and Talk

9:00-12:00 ISASP support

12:00 Check in with student

12:30 Evaluation meeting

6:30 Jimmie softball game

Computer Lab Closing Notice

Due to the assessment season being upon us, please plan on the computer lab being closed Monday the 29th- through Friday, May 17th. We will be having aReading and ISASP small groups in the lab at multiple times during the day throughout this testing window. We have a well thought out plan, but since we have not given this type of assessment before we are unsure of how this is all going to play out. In the event that we end up not needing the computer lab for as long as we anticipate we will send out additional communication. However, you should plan on NOT having access to it during the testing window. I apologize for the inconvenience but appreciate your flexibility.


May 6th-May 17th Assessment window for FAST and ISASP

May 7 5:30 PTO Meeting

May 9 9-11 5th grade visits West Middle

May 9 1:30 2nd grade Bicycle Safety Assembly

May 14 Preschool Field Day

May 15 SCCSD Retirement Party

May 16 9:30-2:00 5th grade TAG retreat

May 17 5:30 Indian Education Graduation Pow Wow

May 21 K-5 Field Day

May 24 Rain date for Field Day

May 29 5th grade to Explorers Baseball game

May 30 Last Day for Students

May 31 Teacher Work Day