Paper Staff Call 12/16/2016

Louisiana Virtual Charter Academy

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From the Tower...

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Head of School

Today marks the first day of our journey together in my new role. I’ve spent this past week at K12’s Head of School Bootcamp, and there were so many great takeaways that I look forward to sharing. My main priorities for this year include improving the academic performance of our school, building the blended learning opportunities for all students, and strengthening relationships with you to take LAVCA to the next level. My action step for my first 30 days is to identify the needs and goals of LAVCA through:

  • data analysis

  • communication with the Academic Administrators and staff

  • Class Connect observations

In the near future I look forward to setting up face to face opportunities to hear from, and spend time with each of you.

~Danielle Scott-Johnson

“New Team, New Year, New Focus. We can do this TOGETHER!"

K-7 Grades

Click Here for flight plan.

Make sure that all magic calendars are up to date and complete before check out. You will receive clean up notes on what adjustments will need to be made. Check out Course Information Tab Cell A2-D2 and that you are listing the live session descriptions for live classes. Also be sure in info 2 tab that you have a direct link to your ppt for each live class and that you have a unit title and title frame listed once a week.

Look forward to seeing you on January 6.

8-12 Grades

Here is the Flight Plan for next week.

The Semester End Checklist along with whom you are to check out with are listed.

Be sure that you've received the email sent to families this week. It includes important dates and times upon our return from break.
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A Quick Tune Up

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Tech Tip Take Off


Check out this new feature on Facebook that will get your students talking. See how Gina uses it on LAVCA Lowdown every Monday.

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