La Hora de Español

Haddonfield's First Grade World Language Program

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Dear Parents,

We just completed an “All About Me” Unit – “Todo Sobre Mi.” After several weeks of answering and asking questions with a partner, looking at photos, going to my e-board, playing games, reading books, and doing activities, your child knows his/her name, age, colors, and numbers. He/she combined all this knowledge in order to do an oral presentation and to create a “Todo Sobre Mi” poster.

We used "green screen technology" in order to create a movie with the students talking about themselves. We set up a huge green screen (sheet) in the art room, and the students stood in front of it while speaking about themselves in Spanish. Using iMovie software, I was able to take the video clips that were filmed in front of the green screen and turn that green wall into a background based on what the students were speaking about. During editing, the computer replaced every green pixel with a pixel from that background that I chose (ex: student standing under rainbow). If your child was wearing green that day, he/she may appear translucent since he/she was blending in with the green pixels of the green screen. If your child is not in the video, it means that he/she was absent from school that day. Do not worry! We will be using the green screen again at the end of the next units.

The students did an amazing job! I am so proud of all of them! They feel safe and free to take risks and produce meaningful language in the world language classroom.

Poster designs were created using markers, crayons, colored pencils, magazines, and construction paper. The children will eventually be bringing this home. The posters are keeping the hallways bright right now. Be sure to ask them to share it with you.

I CAN-DO Statements

At the end of each unit, students will self-assess themselves using an "I Can-Do" checklist. The "I CAN-DO" statements help the children identify what they need to do to function at the novice level of proficiency. This is a tool for the children, teachers, and you to chart progress. Remember that one of our main goals is for our learners to acquire and produce meaningful communication that be used in real life situations in the classroom and in our global society as well.

Since the students are in 1st grade, it is developmentally appropriate for me to send you the check-list. I ask that you please sit with them at home to go through the statements on the check list and have the students check off statements that they can do. Feel free to print it. It's OK if not everything is checked off! This is only the end of the first unit of the school year of 1st grade. You can find the check list for the ALL ABOUT ME Unit here:

Additionally, the students were assessed on their presentational speaking skills. The rubrics we use in our program are based on the ACTFL Performance Guidelines for K-12 World Language Learners. The criteria listed in each rubric are written in student-friendly language. After each unit, the students receive a culminating assessment task. This culminating project allowed the students to present everything they have learned during the unit through presentational writing and speaking. The rubrics assessed the students' presentational writing and presentational speaking. If you would like to see the criteria that is listed in the presentational speaking rubric, please click here:

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What's next?

We are beginning a “Family” Unit – “Mi familia.” Students will be learning how to name family members and how to describe them using some adjectives. Also, we will read about a famous bear family and blonde-haired girl named “Goldilocks.” Some of your children may turn into actors/actresses as we role play in class!

The family member vocabulary is included on my eBoard. Remember that everything that is taking place in class is posted on my e-board.

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Watch our cool video!!

  • Please know that this video is set to "private." You are only able to view it because I am providing you with the link and password. The password is: uno
  • The children's privacy and protection are of utmost importance.
  • They are very excited to be able to watch this video at home now.