Voices of IraqI Refugees

Children of War

How are We Being Supported?

When these young children tell their story of war and how they survived, it is very surprising. They tell you about how the war started and they leaned upon their government to help them and protect the people in Iraq. It tells you about how they had to leave everything behind, their food, clothes, houses, even family and friends and tells you how much they started hating America on what we did to them. The bombing practically destroyed their while lives.

How do the Iraqi Refugees Live?

What Is The Choice?

When the children tell their stories of how they had to move out of their country, their homes, and move to a different country, like Canada, and how they are picked on by their classmates and even their teachers. When they live in a different country that they are not familiar with, they are stuck with nothing much and have to get their furnished off scraps and barely have enough food. Would they rather live in a foriegn country where they are bullied by everyone around them and can barely live off what they got or would they go back to Iraq and live in the country they love but can risk their lives every second they live there and more likely to be killed the longer they stay in Iraq?