Christopher Columbus

The "Greatest Explorer of all time"

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This Explorer's Impact on the World during his time and Modern day.

He has had an impact on the world during his time and on the world today by opening up the Americas to the world. This impacted the modern world by leading to further, future European colonization of the Americas. This person had an impact on the world during his time by colonizing the Island Hispaniola, which led to the Columbian Exchange. This explorer had a negative impact though, as he had taken advantage and exploiting the Native Americans for profits."Bartolome de las Casas wrote that one Spaniard had told him they did not need a compass to find their way back to Spain; they could simply follow the bodies of floating Indians who had been tossed overboard when they died". Another example of Christopher Columbus's Brutality to the Native Americans is "Enslavement of the Indians was not the only violation they were forced to endure; Columbus also terrorized, tortured, and killed them."

Explorer Background

Born in Genoa, Italy,Christopher Columbus was a Spanish explorer who had previous experience with ships before his expeditions to the Americas. Before, he had worked as a sailor on a merchant vessel, and eventually became a master Mariner in the Portuguese Merchant Service.

As a child, he spent his youth learning about cartography and sailing. He was very well educated, and could speak several different languages. Later, by the year 1477, he was living Lisbon, Portugal and married a wealthy, young Portuguese woman with 2 sons.

Columbus's Travels

Achievements and Discoveries


During his Expeditions, Christopher Columbus had opened up America for future colonization, beginning with the first European settlement on the island, Hispaniola. He had become the Governor of Hispaniola after he founded it, along with various other titles he obtained. Also, Christopher Columbus was the first European Explorer to discover trade routes across the Atlantic Ocean.