Social Media Mirrors Life

By Aarmanii Bellinger

Media impressions

As far as I can tell media is the publication of information or life happenings. For example media takeout is a website that is updated with various information about any given celebrity’s life. Media can also contain embedded meanings or important lessons. Media can be found in the radio, television, and newspapers. It is to my understanding the media literacy is one’s ability to interpret and understand different aspects of media. For example, hash tags, memes, posts, videos etc. Social media is a form of innovation of media and how it is discussed and shared. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the most popular media websites. On them you can find pictures, posts and stories of a plethora of goings on in life. The most popular use of these websites is to post memes (pictures with captions on them) about thing that have happened or are going to happen. The websites give users the power to post their own opinions and interpretations of fabrications of media. These people for the most part are not professionals at evaluating and publishing stories. Therefore their messages will be bias to favor their respective situations. The validity of their post may also be interrupted by a poor understanding of media. I don’t believe that one completely unbiased post exists on the internet. But I do think it is nice to be able to upload your opinion on media.

Eminem to release an RnB album

Aarmanii Bellinger, Reporter for The Daily Ruse

Saturday April 3, 2014

Rapper turned singer, Marshall Mathers announced on Twitter that he will be releasing an RnB album sometime later this year. He stated " I have already mastered rap music. It is time for a change and RnB is calling out to me." Though this career move may drastically alienate his fans, this seems determined to follow his new path and master a new genre. When interview about this shocking turn of events, Actor/Entertainer and avid listener of Eminem, Nikki Limo stated "The mother****** can't even sing. What is he doing making an Rnb album?" his facebook fanpage "We Support Eminem" does anything but what its name insinuates, post of jeers and contempt fill the majority of the timeline. However we know how unmoved Mr. Mathers is by adversity given his hip hop track record. It is safe to say that there is nothing we can do to stop him from making our ears bleed.

Big Game Ad Starring Terry Crews and the Muppets | 2014 Toyota Highlander

Super bowl precis

Toyota in the video “Toyota Super Bowl Commercial (2014) Muppets and Terry Crews” claims that the Toyota is the most optimal vehicle to buy if you are in need of space. Toyota supports their claim by demonstrating how many people and various other sundries can fit in the minivan. The author’s purpose is to persuade those looking to buy a car to choose their minivan as opposed to any other automobile so that they can give the customers a car that will satisfy their special needs. The author writes in a humorous tone for the super bowl audience.

Big image

1984 Theme Song

The Only One - Evanescence lyrics
The song "The Only One" by Evanescence is about depression and feeling trapped and alone in negative feelings. George Orwell writes from Winston's point of view as though Winston is not alone in his contempt but he feels alone because he think he is the only one who is disillusioned to the totalitarian regime. The line "All our lives, we've been waiting, for someone to call a leader." directly correlates to 1984 because Big Brother assumes the role of that long awaited for leader. It also talks about it all coming crashing down in the end. "It" being their depressed life and the system of leadership.


Toward the end of the semester my views non media are largely the same. I even created a Facebook and Instagram page to be sure. They both involve sharing pictures and videos about various things going on in life and commenting on them. The issue of posting something obcene and later regretting it is still present (and hilarious most of the time). Posting risky content on the internet can also diminish your chances of being hired since employers look up your facebook and other social media pages. In this class, I learned that technology as a whole is advancing at an alarming rate. A speed that is too fast for us to keep up with. That being said, it is important to monitor what the media is developing daily and to make sure that you aren't giving any web address permission to do anything more than you want it to. Media Literacy is different from other language arts classes because it uses the internet much more thouroughly than most other classes. For example, Schoology is a website that has administrative documents and links to everything needed to complete your assignments as well as dropboxes to submit them. Language arts usually has the students submit thier assignments into a data pool shared by the entire school rather than just one class. If there was anything i could change about this class it would have to be the computer time. Media Literacy should either have one day a week in a computer lab or be taught in a lab altogether. I say this because my laptop has been broken for the majority of the semester and until i got it fixed i was failing (pretty bad too). I fell like since it relies so heavily on computer usage then it needs to have computer time to match the dependence.