Junior Iditarod

By: Robert Bonafillia, Logan Beaty period: 1/5 date: 3/11/15


  • last year 17 year old Jessica Klejka won
  • Liz Baliey started at 7 and raced when she was in her teenage years
  • Liz gave up presents at Christmas time for gear for racing three times
  • mushers are 14-17

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Race facts

  • 160 mile race
  • At half way point intot he race teams stop for 10 hour rest
  • Required one 24 hour break plus two 8 hour break
  • Race goes from Anchorage to Nome

"A Sled Dog Life." Iditarod. Scholastic Inc., 2015. Web. 04 Mar. 2015.


  • Alaska from Anchorage to Nome
  • On the Denali highway
  • start at noon on Sunday March 1st
  • mush to Alpine Creek lodge and take break
  • morning teams will be ready in parking area

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Why We Race

  • canines buurn 12,000 calories from racing
  • supposed to teach young leaders how to travel far distances with dogs
  • winning takes time, perservearence, and perfect weekend where the dogs and stars line up beautifully

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Intresting facts

  • dogs eat bowls of high fat kibble, pieces of beef, salmon, and chicken fat supplements.
  • Food is main thing that limits how far the dogs can pull the sled
  • mushers dont get much sleep


  • only the racing time is two days long
  • on weekends
  • longer than two days with the breaks and rests