The Iroquois is an aboriginal tribe that's land was mostly in Ontario and Quebec but also New York Wisconsin and Michigan. The weather patterns are not very severe they are not too hot to or to cold in spring the temperature rises above 0° and summer is around 21° and in winter it is -3 to- 9° and in fall the temperature is under 16 degrees. The Iroquois topography has Eskersthat, which are like mini mountains that can be up to 50m high. It also has moraines which are layers of rock and soil. Which can make small rocks to boulders . Also kettle lakes and pieces of glacier that get trapped underground.

Flora fauna.Food.Clothing

The Iroquois had many land and water mammals, also many types of birds. Squirrels , raccoons, mice, skunks and muskrats are common. They have mixed forests with many trees and ground plants. Many types on endangered plants. They diet consisted mainly of corn, beans and squash. They were known as the three sisters because they were grown and eaten together. They ate one meal a day. Women and girls preserved food for winter. They dried and smoked meat and fish. The women made clothes from deerskin. The women wore deerskin skirts, leggings and dresses. The men wore deerskin leggings in winter and skirts in summer. Both men and women wore moccasins. They decorated there clothes with porcupine quills and beads.


These people lived in Longhouses which are long narrow houses with arched roofs. Low porches covered doorways at either end of the house. Men built them for their family's. Family's used space wisely because they didn't have that much. They used canoes and sleds in the winter. The Grand Council that your Iroquois is an assembly of 56 Chiefs. The seats in the council are distributed among the six Nations. No treaty was binding unless it was ratified by 75% of male voters and 75% of mothers in the nation. Woman held the real power. They were Matilineal and Matrilocal.