Snow Box

Nicole Thomas, Andria Rodriguez, Allison Renegar

Snow Box

Our spheres will be marketed as snowballs and our container will be an igloo.

Our target audience are for the people who live in the North, or where it snows. If they find joy in snow / snowballs, they now have a container that they can place their snowballs in, so that they will always be ready for a snowball fight.

The package efficiency ratio is 0.026 because the volume of the 5 spheres divided by the volume of our container is about the exact volume.

The cost to produce our container will be $63.94. The main part of the cost to produce this container is from the cooler.

Additional expenses that are expected to incur is the cost of a cooler to put on the walls of our container to keep the snowballs in snow form and not melted. The average cost of a mini freezer is about $200. Since, a freezer would be too expensive, we are using a drink cooler instead of a freezer. A cooler will not allow heat into the container and will keep the snowballs frozen.

The proposed selling price will be $24.99 and the proposed profit is $38.95.

Our design would do well in the market because even during the summer, if you use our container, you could save snow during winter and have snowball fights during the summer from the snow you stored from winter. All snow lovers will love this idea.

Honestly, who wouldn´t love having snow all year long?

we are snowbox!

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