Six Traits of Writing

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Ideas, Organization, Voice, Word Choice, Sentence Fluency, Conventions

  • Ideas, is when you choose a specific topic of your choice.
  • Organization is when you have a topic sentence, with tell me more sentences.
  • Voice is when you speak in an engaging way. The best voice reveals a special way of saying thing.
  • Word Choice is good writing that contains strong words including specific nouns and verbs. Also use exciting adjectives and adverbs.
  • Sentence Fluency means sentences need to vary in length. Use a variety of sentences.
  • Conventions, make sure your capitalzation, punctuation, spelling, and grammar are correct. Use evaluation sheet to revise. Edit using COPS

Brainstorming/How to

  • Brainstorming, and how to brainstorm to brainstorm, you should write some ideas on a sheet of paper to brainstorm.
  • Brainstorm by doing a cluster diagram.

Writing Process

  • Prewriting
  • Drafting
  • Revision
  • Editing
  • Publication

Six Traits of Writing Rap
VEDO: "Boyfriend" - The Voice Highlight


  • Prewriting is the first stage in the writing process.
  • Elements of prewriting including diagramming, and clustering

Core 4 topic sentences

Core 4 topic sentences is a square divided into four parts, the four sentences you have to put in the boxes are declarative, situation/stance, question, and number statement. These sentences are green, or conclusion sentences

Revision/Revise how to

  • To revise you need to check for simple convention mistakes.
  • Check your Capitalization, Punctuation, Grammar, and Spelling.
  • Always use an evaluation sheet to revise.


  • Use a checklist to evaluate the paper.
  • Use a rubric also.

Rough draft

A rough draft is your first draft where it doesn't matter if you forget capitalization, punctuation , or spelling.


Edit using a pen not a pencil, if you see something wrong circle what you got wrong and write the correct answer above.


Publish by giving your revised and edited final copy to your teacher.

Tell me more sentences

Tell me mores, are sentences that tell you more about the paper, or paragraph. Tell me mores come after main idea sentences

Main ideas

Main ideas are the main topic of your paragraph. For example here are some main ideas

What you do at recess is a main idea, homework is also a main idea


Transitions are sentences that can go anywhere in a sentence. Some examples of transitions are, For example, However, Despite, and likewise