Multi - Media Artists and Animators

by: Aisha Webb

what are Multi - Media Artists and Animator

Multi - Media Artist and Animators are people that use designs for film, animation, movie, or electronic tools.

It may sound boring but image creating your own movie for your fans around the world just by your creation, picture it

What needs to be required

~ You need to have a Bachelor's Degree in computer Graphics

~You need to have your own strong, computer software for example: HP, OR APPLE

~Most importantly, you need to have idea, otherwise you have nothing to create for your animation.

Work Environment


Most Multi-Media Artists work a regular work schedule; however, when deadlines are approaching, they may need to work night and weekends


Slarary, and Job Outlook


you mostly get paid $63,970 but high 10% you get paid more than $113,600 but low 10% you get paid less than $ 36,930

Demand will grow in the future because of animation, and devise too


you could pick because you don't know what could come In the future of animation, and what you could draw. You might become internet famous some day you never know.