Project Homeless Connect

A Day of Services

The Problem:

The homeless struggle daily with the repercussions of unmet basic human needs for safety, food, stability and shelter. On any given night in Rochester and Monroe Country, hundreds of people are living either on the streets or in temporary shelter.

Our Contribution:

The goal of Project Homeless Connect is to connect homeless people with critical services in a “one-stop” venue. We are bringing together a wide range of community agencies and professionals to provide the homeless with access to health care, social services, legal advice, food, medical care and much more—all within a caring and safe environment.

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Project Homeless Connect

Thursday, Sep. 15th, 7:30am-3pm

100 Exchange Boulevard

Rochester, NY

Providers who service the homeless in any capacity are invited to come and set up a booth on the main floor of the arena. The event is free and open to anyone who wants to come. Each person is considered to be a guest. They are asked to complete a short survey coming into the building and then are individually matched with a host whose job is to get them started, to help the guest feel comfortable and make sure they can get some of their needs addressed.

Volunteers are welcome and needed! As a volunteer, you might:

  • Assist in distributing items from the coat & clothing drives
  • Act as an escort, assisting participants to get the services they need
  • Assist participants in filling out forms for the Department of Social Services and the Department of Motor Vehicles and completing Housing and Vocational Training applications
  • Perform intake and outcome interviews
  • Serve food to the participants and volunteers
  • Setup of event fixtures the day before the event
  • Take down of event fixtures at the close of the event
  • Follow up with individuals after event
  • Assist providers by running errands, picking up copies from the printer, etc.

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