What role did code-breaking have on U.S and Germany during the world war II?

WWII played a huge role in the world of technology, many new inventions were created such like code-breaking which helped both sides of the war communicate, it was also used to break secret codes from the other side.

Short history of code breaking and key terms.

Enigma machine

Enigma machine: The enigma machine was first created by Arthur Scherbius. He was a German Engineer. The is machine was created in WWII to help the allies communicate with each other. This machine worked by, one team would write a message an the Enigma machine would scramble it using three to five notch wheels and rotors. The receiver of this message would need to know the same exact setting to reverse the message and to be able to read it.

Code breaker's themselves.....

The codebreakers were experts in math. Code breaking was a very complicated job which took the skills of problem solving and logic. It was very important to keep this project a secert before the German forces find out. They were know as the bombs.

Cryptography and its first success.

Cryptography was the process of deciphering encoded messages sent by a machine. The first successful break into and Enigma machine was in 1932 by Poland. The techniques were passed from French and British Allies. This was before the war in 1939.


Ultra was any information that was found from the enigma machine. This was a top secret, nobody could find out.


D-day occurred in June 6 1944, there was more than 5,000 ships which carried 130,00 soldiers across the English channel to Normandy which is a region in the northern part of France. The soldiers included of American,British, and Canadian forces. D-Day was one of the largest seaborne invasion in history.

Germans getting fooled.

The Allies were much successful the Germans, the Germans were completely fool where d- day was going to occur. The Americans captured a German submarine called the U505 the day before D- day occurred. In 1939 at Bletchley park many scientists and mathematician created the first computer which helped decode German's code. This operation was top secret and was called Ultra. The Ultra help provide information of Hitler's plans.

Code breaking saving the day.

Some people believe that code breakers at Bletchley park helped shorten the war by two or four years. The code breakers broke the U-boat.
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