Wolves Weekly

Week of 9.19.16


Our Motto:

Science * Literacy * Community

ICS students are bilingual, biliterate, culturally competent, and academically successful. They have the linguistic, social emotional, and critical thinking skills to build alliances within and beyond our community and work to create an equitable and just world.

Students Are Loving the Playworks Stations!


Our mission for the 2016-2017 school-year is to foster a caring school community in order to ensure that our students have the content knowledge and social emotional skills to have complex academic conversations. Their oral language will lead to writing clear and well-organized opinion pieces citing evidence to support their opinions. We focus on academic discourse as it leads to writing with evidence; our students explain their thinking about what they are reading and math problems they attempt to solve. We provide opportunities to use vocabulary through integrating art lessons and projects with the FOSS science units. We see evidence of student learning in science in the classrooms and in the common areas.

Dear ICS*ers,

Thank you CARLOS and JOJO for taking our students and their families to the Raiders Game!

Thank you ZULMA for getting RAZ Kids back on track!

Thank you PAMELA for creating Peace Day classroom plans and RAQUEL for providing links to music online!

Thank you HANNAH for hosting PD in your room!

Thank you KINDER & 1ST GRADE TEACHERS and LIZ for providing PD snacks!

Thank you GREG and SHEREEN for your on-going patience and flexibility as CPT gets rolling!

Thank you LINDSAY for getting ST Math off the ground and NICOL for being a test class!

Thank you RACHEL and LIZ for agreeing to be alternate observers this year!

Thank you MICAELA and TIM for being proactive and responding to parent concerns!

Thank you TEACHERS for graciously hosting HNU volunteers in your classrooms and for planning such authentic, relationship-building activities between students and mentors!

Thank you NICOL and LINDSAY for thoughtfully creating behavior plans to support your students!


Ms. Alderman's Weekly Schedule


Rachel off-site

RAIDERS visit 12:15-1:25 (Regular lunch/recess schedule)

ILT 3:15


Rachel off-site


2:00-2:30 Chromecart Updating in C223

2:30-4:00 PD: F&P Data

SSC 4-6pm


Ellie off-site (Principal Meeting)

Rachel in charge


Ellie off-site (Sister's Wedding)

Rachel in charge

School Culture


WOLF OF THE WEEK- Strand B (Tim, Cindy, Carolina, Pamela, Alex, Carlos, Raquel)

Please prepare what you'd like to say about your chosen student and keep it to 1 minute.

I will have the card with me for you to fill out during or after the assembly

I will take your photo with your Wolf of the Week for the bulletin board. Remember, you are recognizing a student who has met a current class goal. For example, stellar line behavior, consistently completing their reading log, being an ally to classmates, improved focus, improved behavior, resilience in reading, etc...

Don't tell the student that you've chosen them. Let's let it be a surprise!

Core Value Card Raffle- Strand A (Micaela, Denise, Nicol, Hannah, Lindsay, Mouhamadou)

Please bring your yellow core value cards to the assembly :)



Make a decision around Peace Day Event on another day


I will be walking through classrooms Wednesday morning with my Network Superintendent Sara Stone.

She will be supporting me to assess our alignment on the PBIS agreements made during Cycle 1.

Specifically, we will be looking for evidence of the aligned student support system, as well as evidence of class incentives/rewards for meeting behavior expectations.


We agreed in the staff meeting that the planning for a parade felt a bit rushed and agreed to cancel it. That said, it's still important to teachers and students that we do something, so Pamela was gracious to create a plan for teachers to do something in their classrooms. Please share your idea and plan on the doc below. Raquel added links to the Mosaic Project music!

Sounds like we will also re-visit the idea of a school-wide event during PD this Wednesday.

PEACE DAY Planning Doc


Raiders Visit MONDAY- Schedule

12:10 PM - Players Check-in

12:15 PM - Players arrive & escorted to yard

12:20 PM - Players and staff stationed at each activity for 3rd Grade Recess

12:20 PM - 12:35 PM - Grade 3 escorted from cafeteria to playground by JoJo

12:40 - Recess stops, players speak to kids at their station, photo op

12:40 PM - 1:00 PM - Grade 3 return to class

1:00 PM - Break - 4th/5th grade in lunchroom

1:05 - Grade 4/5 escorted from cafeteria to playground by JoJo

1:05 PM - 1:25 PM - Grade 4/5 Recess

1:25 PM - Recess stops, players speak to kids at their station, photo op

1:25 PMGrade 4/5 return to class

Players depart

Science CPT with Liz this week!

Asks and Reminders

Thank you for your F&P Data!

REMINDER: Personal days need to be approved by Ellie in advance.

Please continue to look for students who do not yet have a backpack or seem in need of a new one. We had 50 BACKPACKS DONATED and I would like to get them to the students who most need them ASAP.

Please submit EMERGENCY SUB PACKETS AND SPLIT LISTS to Zulma ASAP! Thank you to those of you who have already done this!

Fruitvale Day of the Dead Festival: Sunday, October 30th

Apply to create an altar with your class (I did it one year and it was amazing!)

Applications are due September 30th! (link below)

Día de los muertos Altar Application

Latino Read-In: October 7th 9-10am (I signed us up for volunteer readers)

Other Dates to Keep in Mind:

Day 20 Counts: 9/19

Ellie off-site: 9/22, 9/23

F&P PD: 9/21

First SSC Meeting: 9/21

International Peace Day: 9/21

Fire Drill: 9/28

Next COST Meeting: 9/29

Day of the Dead Applications Due: 9/30

Next Staff Meeting: 10/10