LT 4/5 Project

Living Conditions and Features of the Regions in the Sahara

The Desert Region

The Desert Region is very unpredictable, during the day temperatures could reach up to over 100 degrees. Then at night temperatures can dip below freezing. Sandstorms are common in the desert climate, they begin when wing picks up clouds of sand they can limit visibility. Plants find a way to survive lots sprout very quickly when it rains and then die and wait for more rain to sprout again.

The Oasis Environment.

It is surprising land like oasis is found in the Sahara. An oasis consists of try sand and rock surrounding water. Oasis's hold the most wildlife. It is where all animals have to come to get their water and bath in order to survive. In the Sahara there are about 90 large oases where animals gather for water. Also in Oasis are palm trees that are very useful. Below is a picture.
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Sahel Environment

The Sahel is right at the Sahara's edge. The land here is very good for farming and has a wide variety of natural vegetation including types of trees, grass, and bushes. Although the Sahel has much better conditions drought is very common there. In 1968 very long drought occurred and for six years there was hardly any rain. Since then there has been some rain but not enough for the land to fully recovered.
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How people Survive