Summer Camp

BY : Savni


Hey, are you cooped up in your house. Not going anywhere for the summer. Then why not join us in the most amazing summer camp ever. The people who come here were also cooped in there house before they came to most amazing summer camp ever. We have many things to do here. So, why not join us. DON'T miss out on the fun.

What Do We Do Here?

My mom and I have planned many things for the people who come to our summer camp. Each week we have a different theme. For example this week the theme was all around the world. So, we made a pretend passport and pretended to go around the world for different countries. We did things that relate to that country. We do a different theme each week. So for next week the theme is space. We also have nap time, snack, lunch, and some free time to play with friends.

Why Should You Come?

The reason you should come is because you will so m much fun. It's not like a professional camp or anything, but you will have lots of fun. Trust me, I have been helping out my mo for a long time. This will be a great time for making lots of great friends. New relationships. How cool.