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Hi Amazing CC Families! I had a few questions from parents today and wanted to share the resources/answers with everyone rather that send individual emails.

Timeline Motions

Every community does their own thing when it comes to the Timeline. Here's what we follow :)

CC Bookstore Order

If anyone needs to order a few more things from the CC Bookstore please let Christine (Mikey's Mom) know. Shipping is pretty steep and if a few of us need one or two things it will benefit everyone to group it into one order.

Exodus 20:1-17 Song

If you're looking for Ross King's Exodus 20 song here's how I found it:

Search iTunes for the artist King Things. This will bring up his songs and it's easy to find the Exodus one from there.

Community Service Opportunity

The Nicolella family would like to organize a day for our students to serve Cottonwood Bible Church by cleaning up the grounds and making the volleyball court more functional. An overall beautification project, yay!

We will have a quick meeting during lunch on October 8th to discuss the plan and date.

Thanks for another great community day! Praying you have a blessed and happy week, Jennifer

About us...

Classical Conversations of Cottonwood's mission is to know God and make Him known. We use a classical approach to learning and a Christ centered world view to equip parents and encourage students in their own homeschool journey.