What Does It Do ???

A modem is a device or a program that enables a computer to transmit data over. It can store digitally while transmitting any data.

What Colours And Sizes Does It Come In ??

This device comes in different sorts of design and it can transmit data and saves data on your computer so you wont loose any piece of data.

What Is It ??

A modem (modulator-demodulator) is a device that modulates signals to encode digital information and demodulates signals to decode the transmitted information. The goal is to produce a signal that can be transmitted easily and decoded to reproduce the original digital data. Modems can be used with any means of transmitting analog signals, from light emitting diodes to radio. A common type of modem is one that turns the digital data of a computer into modulated electrical signal for transmission over telephone lines and demodulated by another modem at the receiver side to recover the digital data.

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(mō´dem) (n.) Short for modulator-demodulator. A modem is a device or program that enables a computer to transmit data over, for example, telephone or cable lines. Computer information isstored digitally, whereas information transmitted over telephone lines is transmitted in the form of analog waves. A modem converts between these two forms.

Like this diagram below.

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