DSIL September Participant Update

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In this September update you will find:

•Community Hub Profiles

•Email Exchange Opportunity

•Virtual Classroom Recordings

•2015 #TAKEDSILGLOBAL Crowdfunding Update

•DSIL Challenges reminder

•Pre-Course Survey Part B reminder

•Field Immersion Arrival Reminder

•Visa Letter Reminder

•DSIL 2015 Facebook Group

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email team@dsilglobal.com

NEW: Meet each other at our community hub

Make sure you "meet" everyone! We have 50 participants, representing 35 countries joining us across all Tracks .

Please note, if you have an updated title, website or high resolution head shot, you can email team@dsilglobal.com to request a change.


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Virtual Classroom Session Recordings

Note, links to the flyers are also available on vc.dsilglobal.com


To date we have experienced several great online sessions with speakers from around the world. If you have not been able to join live, you can always watch the recording- the link to these are updated through the flyers after each session; the recording password is the same as the webinar. See pax.dsilglobal.com for quick access.

FYI- be sure to see the VC Participant Guide and Get Started + FAQ docs if you haven't already.

REMINDER: Pre-Course Survey PART B

Please support us in our efforts to assess and improve the quality of our programming by asking you some detailed questions. This survey is primarily multiple choice, on the topics of innovation, leadership and HCD- and should take no longer 10-15 minutes. Get started here- thank you for completing as soon as possible!

UPDATE: #TAKEDSILGLOBAL Crowdfunding Campaign

A big thanks to everyone who supported the #TAKEDSILGLOBAL crowdfunding campaign- it was amazing to see support come in from around the world. Thanks to the collective efforts we were able to raise extra funds to subsidize and sponsor impact leaders to join the online VC Track. You will see these new faces at our community hub!

Reminder: DSIL 'Challenges'

The "DSIL Challenges" were created to deepen your learning as you begin your 'DSIL Journey' all the way through to the end. The challenge will require you to be intentional and reflective. They will also require you to show engagement with your community. Many challenges will require you to lean on others in order complete them.

In total there are 12 'Challenges':

  • 4 Pre-Course Challenges (for everyone before August 18th)
  • 4 Field Immersion (for during Tracks A/B/C/X only)
  • 4 Post-Immersion (for everyone after December 11th)

Read more about them here.

Head's Up: The 4 pre-course challenges need to be taken care of before you arrive to the field immersion.

REMINDER: Your Arrival Details Please

We are excited that you will soon be on your way and arriving to Bangkok for the TRACK A/C field immersion program blocks and Phnom Phen for Track X. Please be sure you submit this form at least 10 days BEFORE the starts of your fieldwork track. This form is also on pax.dsilglobal.com

REMINDER: Do you need a formal letter for a Visa?

Thank you to everyone who has requested their visa invitation letters; these are being arranged and emailed to everyone on a case by case basis.

Please be sure you are ready to enter your field immersion countries; some of you may need a specific visa. Please check directly and note the country info sheets at pax.dsilglobal.com have links to resources. Should you need a custom letter please email team@dsilglobal.com ; subject line: 'Visa Letter Request- Your Name- Your DSIL Track'.
DSIL Participant Website

Note, this is a password protected website. All fully registered participants should have already received the password in a separate email.


This online site is designed to be a one-stop-shop of information to prepare all DSIL participants for the online and field journey. Note, this is a password protected website. All fully registered participants should have already received the password in a separate email- please email team@dsilglobal.com if you have not gotten your password yet!

REMINDER: DSIL 2015 Facebook Group

Join here if you have not yet done so!


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