Tipa For Senate

Tipa For Texas

What Does Tipa Stand For?





Tipa stands for the protection of human life, no matter what form or state it is in. A strong gun supporter and NRA member, he will see that the Second Amendment is strengthened and that gun rights shall be restored to all citizens fully. As a true Bible-loving Christian, he will strike down any proposed legislation that encourages or condones same-sex marriage. Supports the fine confectionary of vanilla pudding, with whipped cream.

Tipa's View On Other Issues

Border control: Strictly armed borders

Health care: Private healthcare

Economy: Reaganomics

Budget: Forget social services, 100% defense and arms

Big business: For big business, against unions

Death Penalty: for…

Jobs: Let the economy take care of it

Religion: Prayer in school, religious study classes mandatory

Education: Pro-creationism

Environment: Global warming is fake

Drugs: Anti-drug, harsh penalties for users

Nationalism: What are you a Nazi?

Foreign policy: If they don't agree… nuke em'


The demographics for running for senator of texas are mainly wealthy middle- to upper-class white protestants, who average around 25-40. There is also a strong minority of hispanic voters.