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Our library is here to support staff and students in meeting educational goals. This weekly newsletter will update you on new resources and ideas that are available physically and digitally. This first edition is longer in order to update you on changes and remind you of how to access information.


I hope to begin attending collaboration meetings. I will only be able to attend for part of the time but I'd like to make sure I am staying current with what you are doing in your classrooms so I can help. It's also time to start thinking about Task Definition as part of The Big 6 for October.

Digital Citizenship

Digital citizenship is important to teach our students. As students get laptops or use iPads we need to teach them how to use them properly and how to interact online respectfully. Let me know if you want me to do a lesson.
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There are still iPads available for checkout. Even if you only check out 1 iPad there are things you can do with it. This Pintrest board has ideas.

A few Websites to Check Out

This looks like you can create quizzes or interactive experiences. When you display them on the SMART board kids can interact via laptop or iPad - Kahoot
If you don't read "Free Technology for Teachers" here is an article from this past week about using Thinglink without students needing e-mail addresses - ThingLink Article
Here is a website that has SMART board lessons - Gynzy
MobyMax has paid portions but there is a free section to try.
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School Pictures

School pictures are in the library Thursday and Friday. Because of the equipment I will not be giving out recess passes Thursday or Friday. The library will be open for drop in visits (except Thursday afternoon, see below) but there may be limited access to certain areas while pictures are going on. Please monitor your classes to help me ensure that no books walk out.
I will be out Thursday afternoon. The library will be closed for the afternoon because there is no ed tech in the library on Thursday. School pictures will be going on but please do not send students down to get books Thursday afternoon. Sorry for the inconvenience.