White-Tailed Deer

Endangered Species in North Carolina: By Abby Parker

Some information on the White-tailed Deer

No matter the age of this animal, the White-tailed Deer is one of the most popular of animals. The White-tailed Deer has a tannish-brown or some shade of brown, ranging almost to a gray coat of fur. Usually seen with a white patch of fur on its neck and large prominent ears. also has white rings around the deer's eyes. Male Deer, also called bucks, grow and shed their antlers yearly.

why are the white-tailed deer endangered?

The White-Tailed Deer were very plentiful and in no danger of extinction when the European settlers first arrived. That has dramatically taken a turn for the worst. White-tailed Deer are now being hunted for their fur, meat, and other uses. White-tailed Deer are now being classified as "endangered".

What is being done to protect these animals?

Some woods and other places have no hunting policies. wildlife habitats also make sure nobody is hunting on these animals.

Where are they found in North Carolina?

They are sometimes seen in Western North Carolina, around the Charlotte and Hickory area.