Roger B. Taney

By: Juan Ortiz

Personal Facts

Roger B. Taney was born in Calvert County, Maryland on March 17, 1777. He lived in Maryland his entire life. On January 7, 1806 he married Anne Key and later had 7 children. His career as Chief of Justice ended on October 12, 1864 when he died.

Roger B. Taney's Role in Government

On 1816 Roger was recognized as the leader of the Maryland Federalist. Later in 1831 President Jackson offered Taney a job as Attorney General, who then accepted it 2 days later. Roger B. Taney became the Fifth Chief of Justice on 1836.

His Beliefs & Cases

One of Roger B. Taney's belief was that slavery was helpful and good the U.S. Roger was the judge during the Dred Scott v. Sanford Case during 1856 to 1857. At the end of the Dred Scott did not win the case when Taney said blacks were property and not citizens. Many say Dred Scott was cheated since the main judge (Roger B. Taney) and some of the other judges were southerners that didn't like the idea that blacks should be free or have rights.

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