Coastal Plain Region


Physical Features

The costal plain has flat land and perfect for a great day at the beach.You also have the perfect chance to see the James,York,rappahonnack,Potomac rivers. Wouldn't it be awesome to swim in the Atlantic Ocean or Evan see the Chesapeake bay.You can also see the amazing wonders of the Jamestown.You can see Yorktown,and willumsburg and explore the amazing sites of the costal can go see the awsume museums of the costal plain.


If you like to swim or even to just enjoy a sunny day, visit one of our beaches! While you're there, maybe try some of the best seafood places in the state, fresh out of the Atlantic! You have many job opportunities here in the Coastal plain including a military job or a farming job. We have military because we are close to the water, of course, and our farming includes cotton, tobacco , and peanuts. We are also a historic state with many national parks like Jamestown reenactment and what is thought to be the actual site of the Jamestown colony. So come on down, to the coastal plain!

Interesting tidbits

Grab your friends, grab your family, and come on down to the Coastal Plain. The Coastal Plain is the most historic region in the state of Virginia! You could have the vacation of your life if you visit the Coastal Plain's four amazing peninsulas! There you could go to the beach and have fun with anyone you want. Even yourself. And your hearing this from someone who has lived there for ten years. I know what you are thinking, " wow I did not even think I would hear it from a person that has lived there for that long that says that it is actually that amazing!" You heard it so come on down to the Coastal Plain and have the time of your life!!

Additional information

The Hampton Roads ( located in the coastal plain ) harbor is one of the world's finest natural harbors. It includes the ports of Newport News, Norfolk, Chesapeake, and Portsmouth. Millions of tons of products and goods are loaded into oceangoing ships in Virginia's ports. These ships sail to other ports in the United States and to ports all over the world. Also, The Dismal Swamp is one of Virginia's most interesting natural features. It is a huge wetland area in southeastern Virginia. It provides protection and food for many types of wildlife. The wildlife include deer, rabbits, raccoons, foxes, bobcats, and even bears. Birds, snakes, frogs and turtles can also be found here. Virginia's largest natural lake, Lake Drummond, is located here

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