Ahmer Syed


Ahmer Syed was born in Chicago on August 15 2002. His mother's name is Munira, his father's name is Faniduddi Syed and they're both Pakastani. He also has a 17 year old sister named Aman.
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Ahmer and his family have lived in Mississauga, Ontario since they came from Chicago when he was about 3 months old. His family has traveled to Pakistan, London England and Paris. Ahmer would like to travel to Iceland and Qatar.
Some of Ahmer's strengths and talents in school are language, French, math and science. When he grows up he would like to be a software engineer because he loves technology and creating new things. He would be good at being a software engineer because he's already taken lessons on coding and has done JavaScrip.
Ahmer likes to read, explore the internet, hang out with friends and play his guitar in his spare time. When Ahmer's with his friends, they would go to each others' houses, go to the mall or go skate bording.

Some random questions about Ahmer

  • If Ahmer could get a pet, he would get a cat
  • When Ahmer was young his hero was Spiderman
  • Out of 4 seasons, Ahmer's favourite season is fall.
  • If Ahmer had a choice to go back in time, stay in the present or go to the future, he would go to the future.
  • When Ahmer was young, he would jump around a lot so his father would call him a rabbit.