June 8 - 12, 2015

Come Join Us For...

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$125 per Session/ Sign up for a Morning session(9:00-12:00), Afternoon session(1:00-4:00) or BOTH!

We want to ignite, invite and excite you at Chestatee's S.T.E.M. Camp!

We look forward to a week of fun and learning as "All SySTEMs are a Go" at the T!

Session Descriptions

Solids Liquids and Gas- What’s the Matter?


Ice disappears without melting, magnetic liquids dance in the air, make the water cycle in a plastic bag, melt the shell off a raw egg, mix liquids that rise and become edible, measure the hardness of different materials, the effect of heat and cold on many materials, properties of different gasses, and much more.

Learn fundamentals of chemistry in a fun environment……with some experiences that you will never forget!

Skatepark Science


Come join the fun as you design and build your own skate park! Students will design and build the most challenging, the most exciting, and the safest skate park. Your finished skate park will allow a marble skater to flow through several obstacles without assistance and without flying off the skate course.

Building Bridges


Students will investigate various types of bridges and hypothesize about how bridges are able to hold weight and serve their purpose. Students will design and create a bridge using different materials to see if their bridge is structurally sound.

3, 2, 1 Blast Off!


Students will be introduced to hobby rocketry.

They will build a model rocket and launch it here at the school!

We will learn about why rockets fly and how they are used by scientists.

Kitchen Chemistry

Grades K-5 (Limit 15) REGISTER HERE

In this class you are encouraged to PLAY WITH YOUR FOOD! We will combine science and cooking as we investigate the delicious scientific reactions that occur when food is cooked or frozen! We will be cooking some yummy treats as well as coming up with solutions to questions we have about food. Why do foods go bad? Can we stop food from spoiling? How is ice cream made? What is in soda? Come this summer to find out!!

Introduction to Robotics


Learn about designing and programming robots using the Lego NXT and EV3 systems. Students will work in teams to program the robots to complete challenges. The challenges will include such tasks as driving and turning the robot, retrieving items, and moving through a course.

Advanced Robotics


This session is intended for students who have experience using the Lego NXT and EV3 systems. Students will work in teams to design and program robots using advanced techniques including sensors. Teams will work to complete challenges using color and touch sensors.

Can We Build It?


Always wanted to know HOW IS IT MADE?

Well come learn how to build, create, and engineer all sorts of exciting things.

Learn to build catapults, bridges, towers, marble escape plans, or even roller coasters. In this session you are sure to become an engineer.

Come test out your skills with "Can We Build It?"

Hour of Code


Do you love playing games like Angry Birds, Plants vs. Zombies and Minecraft? Have you ever wondered how they were created or thought about creating your own? Join us for an introduction to Computer Coding using the Scratch program. Participate in “unplugged” computer science activities and online learning modules to apply your critical thinking skills in developing your own app!

Farm to Table


Have you ever wanted to see how food gets from the Farm to Table?

In this session we will spend time examining and caring for a compost pile, soil, recycled water, vegetable and fruit plants. Come join in the fun as we investigate erosion control & use of slope for terracing.Become an engineer as we construct an extra raised bed border for additional plants for our school's garden!

We will also research compost, soil, water, and vegetable and fruit plant needs. Together we will create a presentation to showcase the Farm to Table project.