"At age sixteen he ran away to work on canal boats that shuttled commerce between Cleveland and Pittsburgh"." During his six weeks of work on the boats


Despite his loss James moves on to marry Lucretia Rudolf in November 11,1858.They had six or kids five sons and and one daughter.The same year he goes to law school at William Collage.

Civilwar and R.I.P

Also in 1859 he gets elected Ohio senator two years later in 1861 he joins the union army

and "leads a successful bridge at Mill Creek"The next year.In 1881 he becomes a republican president.But on July 2, 1881 James was shot by Charles Gutie in Washington D.C. Sad ally

in Elberon New Jersey he died on September 2, 1881 at the age of 49. Surprising ally his mom lived to 87 years old.


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