3D Modeling Classes


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It’s easy, fun and interactive

Follow the simple step by step lessons.

Two course levels to choose from:

  • Beginner Course
  • Advanced Course

On completion of the Advanced Course, you should be able to create a 3D model of your own design.

Individual custom model class also available. Ex. Famous building, cartoon characters, chess sets, miniature figures and furnitures, etc.

Please enquire for more details.

3D Printing service is available to print any 3D model which you can hold in your hands.

The printing material is the same as Lego bricks.

3D Print ABS PLASTIC cube puzzle up! PP3D super fast

Saturdays 09:30 am - 10:30 am

Beginner Course

6 Classes: Group RM390 Individual RM490

Advanced Course

5 Classes: Group RM 425 Individual RM525

Individual Custom Model Class

1 Class: RM 100

You can choose one of your 3D model to be printed at the end of every class for free.

Additional printing will be charged at RM 20 per 3D model.

Printing will be done outside of class due to the long printing time. Printed 3D model will be given in the next class.

You have to bring your own laptop with WIFI capability and mouse with wheel button.

Recommended OS and Internet browser:

  • Microsoft Windows Vista or newer
  • Apple OS X 10.6 or newer

  • Google Chrome 10 or newer
  • Mozilla Firefox 4 or newer

Beginner Course

Class 1: Basics

Lesson 1: Learning the moves

Lesson 2: Camera controls

Lesson 3: Creating holes

Lesson 4: Scale, Copy & Paste

Lesson 5: Key ring or Dice

Class 2: Accessories

Lesson 1: Party glasses

Lesson 2: Cufflinks

Class 3: Gadgets

Lesson 1: Luggage tag or Chess Pawn

Lesson 2: Saw wrench or Money clip

Lesson 3: Dice from scratch or Ruler

Class 4: Buttons

Lesson 1: Basic button or Duffel button

Lesson 2: Flower button or Heart button

Lesson 3: Bat button or Skull button

Lesson 4: Teddy button

Class 5: Jewelry

Lesson 1: Simple heart ring or Diamond ring

Lesson 2: Basic ring or Easter ring

Lesson 3: Cylinder earrings or Twist earrings

Lesson 4: Hexagonal earrings or Box earrings

Class 6: Jewelry

Lesson 1: Flower necklace or Bracelet

Lesson 2: Simple chain or Advanced chain

Advanced Course

Class 1: Miniatures

Lesson: My first boat

Class 2: Miniatures

Lesson: Model train body

Class 3: Figures

Gear of Beach Bunny for lesson

Class 4: Figures

Lesson: Octopus

Class 5: Figures

Lesson: Robot

Why join our class?

1. It promotes critical thinking.

2. It is a fun and relaxing hobby.

3. You get to show your printed 3D model to friends and family.

Impress your friends and family, Join today!


1. Personal 3D printing based on your design file.

2. 3D modeling courses from beginner to advance levels.