The Civil War Carries On

Texas, December 9, 1863

The Battles on Our Soil

This new confederate life that we have just adapted to may be changing very soon. Though recent victory at the Second Battle at Sabine Pass, and the earlier victory at the Second Battle at Galveston make Texas a strong point in the Confederacy the rest of our states are not holding as strong. We have won many battles on our soil, but we have lost some like the first battle at Galveston Harbor. I regret to say that the Union are holding strong, but we can fight back.

Our Economy Is Dying

With the many Union victories and their over powering force our lives may be changing drastically soon. Our economy is crashing as the Union is starting to take our slaves away from us, and as if that is not enough the war is taking so many young men from us that we will need to run our stores and farms.The blockade is also stopping our trade which we need for money.