The Girl Who Was Supposed To Die

keep one step ahead of the killers and above all: stay alive


What would you do if you woke up from being unconscious and realized you didn’t know where you were, how you got there or even who you were. You were only certain of one thing: there were two men with you want you dead. When one of the men leaves the other man in charge of killing her, Cady does what she has to do to save herself. She uses her self defense stills that she didn't know she had to knock him out. When he is out cold, she steals his cell phone and his vehicle and drives away. Not knowing who she is, where she is or how she got there, made it very scary for her. She had the men framing her of murder and lying about something new every moment. Cady fled to Bend, where she found a McDonald’s where Ty, a kid who's willing to help her out, even though she couldn't give him a good reason to. They set off on a journey to not only figure out who she is, and who her family was and if they are dead or not but also to figure out who the men were and why they wanted to kill her.


  • What did you enjoy about the book?
I enjoyed the suspense and how the book chapters were marked with the time of the day

  • If the book was well written what made it that way?
It was so interesting, the suspense kept growing through out the book and there was never a boring moment

  • Describe the authors writing style.
The author labeled each chapter with the day, and time, it was like you were going through the day with Cady.

  • Would you recommend this book?
Yes, because the book always had you hooked in and you have to find out what happens to Cady yourself ;)