Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide

Where and how to survive the zombie apocalypse

What regions to go in case a zombie apocalypse

You never know a zombie outbreak can any moment. I tell you where you need to go in a zombie apocalypse.

The Great Plains

The Great Plains is not really not that great. The Great Plains is just flat. First it is flat which means no escape routes if the zombie come at you. Second there is no trees which also means no resources for shelter, fire, and etc. I Give it a 3 because it's really not that good. One good reason i give it a 3 because you can far without the zombie coming to get you.Another reason it's bad because there is barely any water ways so can't be fully hydrated to run or build shelter. It's good to build a big farm and fencing for animals and your family.

Coastal Plains

The Costal Plains is okay to be in a zombie apocalypse. The long sandy beach and good harbors. I give it a 6 because it will be great if zombie come and you can leave in your boat fast. Another reason is great there is going to be there is going to be fishes there to eat. One bad reason is the water is going to be salt water and won't be able to drink or you will get sick. The second reason it's going to be bad to be there for a zombie outbreak is there is barely any resources to build shelter or fire. That's why I give it a 6. It won't be the best place to for a zombie apocalypse but yet it wouldn't be the worst after all.

Interior Lowlands

The Interior Lowlands is a great place for a zombie outbreak. There is the Mississippi River. There a lot of grassy hills and rolling lowlands. I give the Interior Lowlands a 9 because the hills will be great if you are on the top and you can see the zombies coming. You can make a shelter close to a river and be on top of a hill to see and kill the zombies. The rivers will make an excellent escape routes. It will be great for water and food. There is also wild animal life to eat and hunt food like deer. Another great reason to be there is the Great Lakes which is fresh water where you can drink. One bad thing about the interior lowlands is Chicago which is a big city and will most likely have a lot of zombies. This one the best regions to be in a zombie apocalypse. That why I would go to be in a zombie apocalypse.