Water pollution

By: brandon Maederer and Hayden Grant

What is water pollution?

Water pollution is extremely dangerous to our environment and our water sources. Point-source pollution is pollution thyat comes from a specific site. Another source of pollution is nonpoint-source pollution is pollution that comes many sources rather than from a single, specific site. But there are several other ways pollution enters our water ways.

What factors contribute to the health of our water system?

several factors contribute to the health of our water system, dissolved oxygen (DO), Temperature, Nitrates, pH, Turbidity, and biological indicators of water quality.  But we can monitor our water qaulity. The health of our water systems is important because it is also the health of ourselves, animals, marine life and every other form of life.

What can we do to prevent water pollution?

Cleaning up our water.

Sewage treatment plants are a facility that cleans the waste materials found in water that comes from sewers or drains. This method does help but it doesnt clean all of our water, by the focusing on of service projects and limiting harmful pollution we can make a change in our over all waters health.