Party Planing for Freak the Mighty

By Sam W.

Come to a awesome party.

This party will have chocolate vanilla flavored cake, also hot dogs with or with out ketch up or mustered, colorful balloons and a bouncy castle. Inviting Grim, Gram, Freak/Kevin, Max, Iggy, Loretta and Gwen. We will hope all you come and enjoy the amazing party.

What to wear

Wear anything that gets you up and dancing, moving and jumping. Max can wear his regular clothes. Grim and Gram can wear a party shirt. Freak/Kevin can wear knights armor but don't let it pop the bouncy castle. Gwen can wear a fancy dress or regular clothes. Iggy can wear a party shirt or regular clothes.


I will serve hot dogs and lots of fruits and vegetables. I will serve these kinds of foods because they are easy to eat and the fruits and vegetables will be cut up into smaller pieces especially for Kevin.


Games to enjoy are good for the adults and kids. For the adults, you guys can watch T.V. or play a board game. For the kids, Max and Kevin can go slay dragons over in the bouncy castle or in the backyard. Other wise Max and Kevin can play a board game or watch T.V also.


So come to an awesome party to play,eat and wear amazing party clothes and enjoy everyone's company.