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Saturday, April 30, 2016 - General News

Wow, it's difficult to believe we have only four weeks until the end of the school year!! Time sure flies when we're having fun!!

  • Our field trip will be on Friday, May 6th, to see "Disney's Mulan Jr." We will be having lunch at school before the field trip, so no special lunch provisions will be needed.
  • The PTA sponsored Fun Fair is this coming Saturday, May 7th, from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM. I look forward to seeing you there!! Thanks to those who have sent donations for the 2nd grade basket!
  • PBIS (Friday) Universal Incentives: Your child can earn this reward each Friday for the next five weeks by having no office referrals during the week and by obtaining 80% positives on our Class Dojo for the week. The students will enjoy popcorn and 20 minutes of the Disney movie, each Friday. There will not be any drinks served during the movie, so please be sure that your child has a water bottle on Fridays. No soda or other drinks will be allowed.

  • The ABC End of Year Countdown has begun!! Please see below for this weeks themes/activities. Please note that the fun activities are earned and celebrate super behavior.

  • Next week we will begin exploring how people in different countries live, work, and play. If any of our 2K families are interested in coming into our class to share something from your culture or country of origin , Please contact me to set a time. Your children and I would love to have you share with the class!!

Below are some wonderful web based resources (educational games) for your child.

Also, check out our 2nd Grade Google page, where you can find what we're doing in class (curriculum), homework, MORE pictures and what's coming up! Check them out!!




Next week: (the week of May 2nd)


  • P.E.
  • Hat Day -Bring your favorite hat to wear in class.


  • Art
  • Interesting Fact day - Research an interesting fact to share with the class.


  • P.E. & Music
  • Jersey/Jean Day - Wear a jersey or jeans or both to school!


  • Spelling List 29 Spelling Test & P.E.
  • Kindness Day - We will write nice notes to people.


  • 2nd Grade Field Trip to see "Disney's Mulan Jr."
  • Music
  • Friday Popcorn/Movie Incentive
  • Lounge Day- Since we will be going on our field trip, your child may bring something comfy/pajamas to change into after our field trip.

If you have questions or concerns, I can be reached either by email at elizabeth_kesler@ipsd.org or telephone at 630/375-3544. If you do not hear back from me right away, please know that I will do my best to get back to you as soon as possible (this may be after school). If there is an emergency, please call the school office.

Have a marvelous week!

This week's Homework

Homework for the week of May 2nd

Homework sheets can be found on the 2nd Grade website.

Monday- W4M4L27 pg. 5-6

Tuesday- M6L1

Wednesday- M6L2; study for Spelling List 29

Thursday- M6L3 (List 29 Spelling Test)

Your child's reading bag (with their right fit books) should be going home (to read everyday) and come back to school every day.

Week 29 & 30 Spelling Lists

Spelling List 29: different, pick, another, picture, our

Spelling List 30: America, during, party, fine, behind

English and Language Arts (ELA)


For reading we continued our Fairy Tale unit with Adelita, Rough Faced Girl, Cinderella, and Cinder-Elly. We are focusing on identifying fairy tales and on comparing and contrasting literature, and questioning for nonfiction texts.

Your child's reading bag (with their right fit books) should be going home (to read everyday) and come back to school every day.

Word Study

We began working on identifying and using homographs, words like bow (with an arrow), and bow (an action you take after a performance - you take a bow); two or more words that are spelled the same but have different meanings and often sound different.


We finished our Biography Research unit. The students have written interviews with their partners (about the person they have researched), and we video recorded their interviews. I will get the interviews in the Google pictures file for you to enjoy!

Partner Work


In Math we finished Unit 7, which had the students adding and subtracting in the hundreds. Unit 7 graded tests will be sent home on Monday, May 2nd. We will begin Unit 8 this week, which has the children working on repeated addition.

Sharing Math Strategies

Math Games

Social Studies/Science

In Social Studies we continued our Land forms Unit. We explored some of our land forms including mountains (how they were made) and hills, plains, valleys, rivers, lakes, oceans, and volcanoes. Have your child describe examples of land forms and how they were made.

Emma Teaching the Class About Rock Candy!

Rock Candy Recipe (Thank you Mrs. Drewniak)

Rock Candy https://sciencebob.com

I will have hard copies of the recipe for those interested. :-)

Second Step

Second Step

In Second Step we continued to practice using positive self-talk to help us get/stay focused and calm. We also explored problem solving, including using "S" saying the problem and "T" thinking of safe and respectful things to try, "E" explore consequences and "P" picking out a choice that works the best.


Ishmaiah: “I learned this week that two plates, when they crush into each other they have nowhere to go so they go up. So that’s how they create a mountain.”

Davier: “I learned there is a V type of valley.”

Gavin: “Mountains push up to make a mountain and valleys create a mountain.

Aria: “I learned there is a U shape of a valley because they used to be a V shape but the glacier pushed out the sides.”

Jose: “I learned that if two plates go together they make a mountain.”

Jocelyn: “I learned about mountains that they go together to make a v and sometimes they go down.”

Keira: “When the plates come apart they make a valley.”

Kassidy: “The first step to problem solving is to say the problem.”

Julian: “I learned that you put your labels on the Math test.”

Jose: “I learned tons of stuff in Math, Social Studies, Music, and if volcanoes erupt it can be very dangerous for human life and animal life.

Noah: “I learned a mountain has plates that have nowhere to go but up and sometimes they come back out and make a valley.”

Gavin: “I learned that in Social Studies about land-forms and volcanoes.”

Channuri: “I learned that a volcano is a type of mountain that shoots out lava.”

Kassidy: “I learned that a volcano makes lava.”

Emma: “I learned in math this week that a whole bunch of ways to solve a problem.”

Keira : “I learned that when lava hits water, it makes smoke.”

Josh: “I learned that when lava goes down, it makes rocks.”

Aria: “I learned that when it gets really hot underground, then the lava rises out of the volcano really hot.”

Jocelyn: I learned about two plates come together to make a mountain.”