Happy New Year From 2nd Grade

I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays. Thank you so much for the generous gifts. Your kindness did not go unnoticed or unappreciated,

As we enter into the new year I am asking for your help. Each day is an important day as we continue our learning. Please remember to have your child read each night, Also, if your child is struggling to master their basic addition and subtraction skills, it is imperative that they work toward this.

I have signed all students up for Xtra Math, On Friday, January 15th students will log in and take their assessment. Then I will send home passwords and information for logging in at home. Please use this as a tool to help reach mastery of their basic facts.

This is such a pivotal time for your child.

Important Upcoming Events

  • February 10th Valentine Field Trip to Roll Haven (12:15 to 2:15) (More to come...). Go to the link below to sign up to volunteer for the fieldtrip:)


  • April 12th Sloan Museum (9:00 to 2:00) (More to come...)

Holiday Fun

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We Enjoyed Handsome Harry's Polar Express Story

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Looking for Stars!

Reid staff are looking for Stars! In an effort to improve the character of our students we are looking for students who show respect, who act responsibly, and do outstanding things. To support this school-wide effort and to help make our classroom a great environment to learn I am looking for stars everyday. On the board I have written, "Who will my stars be today?". I am hoping this will encourage students to be respectful, responsible and outstanding:)

Reid Stars

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Daily Take Home Folders

Parents, please remember to review the contents of your child's daily folder and have them return it to school each day:)

Thank you!!


As most of you know, 2nd graders do not receive letter grades. My philosophy is that children don't come to school for grades, but to learn and grow. I am working hard to make sure everyone grows. It is important to let you know what progress your child is making. The following is the system we use...

S means your child is doing a Satisfactory job and has met the goal

P means your child is progressing toward the goal

N means your child needs some improvement toward the goal

AC means there is some concern regarding your child's progress and together we need to be working to help them work at progressing toward the goal

Our Schedule

Recess and Lunch: 11:16 to 11:56 (We go to recess first)

Gym: Mondays and Wednesdays (Remember to wear gym shoes)

Music: Tuesdays and Thursdays

Movement: Gym and Music together

Library: Thursdays

December, January and February Birthdays

Happy Birthday to Ryan Kelly: December 11th

Happy Birthday to Treyvon Knox: January 4th

Happy Birthday to Thomas Welker: January 2nd

Happy Birthday to Griffyn Nester: February 8th

Happy Birthday to Nathan Crawford: February 10th


Topic 7 Tests Will Be Sent Home This Week!

Onto Topic 8

in Topic 8 students will learn about adding 2 digit numbers. Students will learn about regrouping or renaming ones when they add up to more than 9 (ex. if you have 11 ones, you have 1 ten and 1 one). In addition, students will learn how to add on a number line and how to add more than 2 numbers.

Log on to Xtra Math to Practice Basic Math Facts

Your child will be taking their placement test on Friday. I will also send home their log in and PIN information on Friday. I hope this will be a great tool for your child to practice and master their basic math skills.
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Realistic Fiction

The students have been exposed to many Realistic Fiction stories. They have learned about many features of a realistic fiction story. A realistic fiction story is a story about something that could happen in real life. The characters are like us and their problems are like problems that happen to us. In a realistic fiction story the problem is solved after a series of events in which the problem gets worse before it is finally solved leaving the reader satisfied. Thank you for your help with these. This week we will be revising our rough drafts as we continue our learning. Students will learn about and add dialogue to show their characters feelings and emotions, develop their characters by adding actions, using past tense verbs, adding descriptive words, and expanding sentences by adding detail.

Words Their Way

We have re-assessed the students and will make any necessary changes to the groups. Word Study will resume after Thanksgiving.

Social Studies

We ended our last unit by creating our own town. We created our town by putting human characteristics such as streets, homes, businesses. parks, and bridges. Our town also had natural characteristics like rivers and lakes. Check out our town!

We are now focusing our learning on Government. Students are learning about the importance of rules and laws in our community, how our community keeps us safe by having laws and rules, and about the roles of the mayor, city council and local courts in keeping us safe and making sure that laws are followed. In addition they will learn about local government services that communities have. Later in our unit, students will learn about their civic responsibilities as a member of a community.

Our Town

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In Science we have learned so much about plants. Our Brassica plants have gone home but here at school we have since planted grass and Alfafa. We planted them together so that we could see how they are different. When we cut them down the grass continued to grow, but after cutting down the Alfafa plants leaves the plant could not survive without the food from the leaves. We also planted wheat. We planted them inside a straw and placed the straw in water. This showed us that plants don't need dirt to grow.

We began our learning of Matter by exploring the properties of rocks. We will continue learning about the properties of matter (size, shape, color, texture, and hardness). Look at different things in your house and discuss and compare them in terms of these properties. Students will also learn about measurement. We started by using a non-standard unit (yarn) to measure how tall we were. See how tall your child is compared to others below:). Students are now learning about different units used to measure the length of something (inches, centimeters), and tools used to measure length (ruler, measuring tape). We will continue our learning of measurement when we learn about tools (measuring cups and spoons) to measure volume. Students will also learn about using a balance to measure the weight.

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Fun with Measuring

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In reading we have been learning about Story Elements. Story Elements are the components of a story. Thinking about these elements helps us infer what is happening in the story.

  • Characterization: What we know about characters based on their actions or words they use
  • Plot: Important events in the story (conflicts and problems and how they are solved
  • Setting: Where and When the story takes place
  • Theme: The message or meaning of the story

DRA;s (Developmental Reading Assesment)

It's January so all students will receive a DRA. Your child was given this assessment in the spring of first grade. At the end of first grade students should be at a DRA level of 18. In January of their 2nd grade year students should be at a level 24. Your child's score will be on their 2nd marking period report card.

Keep Using These Strategies

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Thinking About Story Elements will Help us Comprehend our Story

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Students Who Complete This Will Earn a Pizza Hut Personal Pan Pizza Certificate

Don't forget to complete the January log.

Building Stamina!

We've Made it to 16 Minutes!!

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Building Stamina with our Reading Buddy!

Using The Chrome Books To Take AR Quizzes and Read on Raz Kids is Fun!

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Compliment Friday

The students are getting very good at recognizing the good in one another.

Matthew Thanking Drayden for Being Such a Good Friend

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