Japanese Internment During WWII

a sadly unknown truth that still affects the Japanese today

The Japanese People - Evil?

Throughout World War 2, many items of propoganda were produced promoting an anti-Japanese mentality. Below are just a few of many examples of this.
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This instance of propoganda that depicts Hitler standing next to a Japanese man (who is depicted with stereotypical slanted eyes, a pig's snout, and comically large teeth) was produced by someone you would not expect to produce such content - Theodor Geisel, better known by his pen name, Dr. Seuss.

The Truth About the Japanese

"... California Nisei-age individuals, the proxy for internment, died 1.6 years earlier than Hawaiians who represented non-interned status. I concluded traumatic stress has life-long consequences even in the presence of efficacious coping strategies..." "The Experience of Injustice: Health Consequences of the Japanese American Internment", Gwendolyn M. Jensen, 1997.