IM-K K-Notes May 17th, 2016

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Presidential Newsletter

Hello Kiwanians,

May is half-way over....can you believe it? It seems like yesterday was Easter! I have been enjoying the good weather and Mother's Day.

We have had a lot of things happen this month: benefit planning for our friend Theresa, new members joining our club, a big baby shower, One Big Day for Little Kids event, litter clean up, scholarship application process, new slate of officers, our last Kids in Aktion, Buddy Bench presentation and strategic planning for 2016-2017 year. To think, all these things happened in MAY.

Our meeting on Tuesday is going to be a fun one - an auction! What is more fun than that??? The BOD decided to try something new to help fund the international convention in July of 2017. We are hoping to make a bunch of money for this event. Please plan on attending and spending your hard earned $$$$$$.


Upcoming Events

May 17th - Noon auction

May 24th - Satellite Club meeting

May 31st - Skip-a-meal, proceeds going to be donated to International

June 6th - BOD meeting at library

June 1st - Theresa O. benefit at Solberg's GreenLeafs

June 7th - BOSS/TORO presentation on park partnership

June 21st - Member induction and Theresa O. Pine Grove benefit dinner

June 27th - July BOD meeting

July 5th - Owl presentation

Theresa Update

This update is from an email that Barb R. sent. I took out the highlights and put them below. Thanks Barb for the information!

1. If you would like to donate to Theresa, Wells Fargo indicated they had what is called a DONATION ACCOUNT. Checks should be made out to THERESA BENEFIT.

2. Keep thinking of your friends and family who may want to attend one of Theresa’s benefits: JUNE 1st @ Solbergs Greenleaf and JUNE 21st @ Pine Grove CC.

3. If chemotherapy checks go well, Theresa will be home on or around - May 12th or 13th.Then, in two weeks, Theresa returns to Milwaukee for more chemotherapy (1 week). Bone Marrow Transplant will be in July if all goes well. (Home = May 12th to May 26th; MILWAUKEE = May 27th to June 3rd THEN REPEAT SEQUENCE: Home = June 4th to June 17th; MILWAUKEE = June 18th to June 24th)

May 17th Noon Agenda

Here is the agenda for the noon meeting.

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