The Bond Brief

Back to School Edition: Sepember 6, 2013

First Few Days of School

We are a few days into the school year, and I can already tell this is going to be a great year! The students seem to be very excited for third grade, and I see great potential in them as a team of learners! Many of you have sent me a letter about your child, and I have enjoyed reading them. If you have not created a letter about your child, I would love to receive one by next week.

Curriculum Night Next Wednesday

We will be meeting in my room, Room 10, for curriculum night beginning at 6:30. I will be going over a bit of the curriculum, explaining the transitions we are going through in education, introducing you to the technology we will be using, and discussing third graders! I hope to see all of you there. Please let me know in advance if you will not be able to make it. In addition, the PTA will be setting up tables to help explain some of the activities we will be doing this year at Glengary. I will have a table on Destination Imagination ready to go!

The Team Bond Favorite Color Fashion Show

I was able to get most of the kids up today to showcase their favorite color fashions and take video of it. Below are 2 videos. The first one showcases the girls and the boys went second. These videos are on YouTube, but they are unlisted, meaning you cannot search for the video. You have to have the link in order to view it. If you have troubles viewing it through Smore...just let me know and I can send you the link.

My Edited Video
Team Bond Favorite Color Fashion Show Part 2

Our Week in Review

The beginning of the year mainly includes going over processes, establishing/practticing routines, community building, and completing pre-assessments. I have collected handwriting samples of both print and cursive, given the pretst for Units 2 and 5 (our math units have changed this year), and gave the word study spelling inventory to see their development as a speller.

We began Unit 2 in math, which will cover addition and subtraction strategies, story problems, and more. As in past years, your child will be able to use

Next week we will begin our science unit on Water. The children will explore the water cycle through a set of hands on activities.

In addition, we have begun setting up our routines for reading workshop and writing workshop. This is always a favorite of mine, as I love seeing the interests of the children come through their choices for reading and the topics they choose to write about! Some children enjoyed book shopping today and wanted to take their book home to read. I am fine with that, as long as they are responsible.