Massassauga Snake

Sistrurus catenatus


The Massassauga Rattle snake is the only poisonous snake in Ontario. It usually lives in rainforests, and swamps. This snakes diet consists of mice, voles, other small snakes, frogs, salamanders, and small birds (when available). A fully grown Massassauga snake's length is around 18-30 inches.

Why this Snake is Threatened

The Massassauga's biggest threat is humans because most people are scared of poisonous snakes so they kill them when they show up at homes or businesses. And when people build new structures, the land gets destroyed. The retiring habitats make it a minor risk for humans.


A Massassauga snake reproduces around every other year. It usually has 5-19 babies at a time. A baby Massassauga snake's length is about 7-9 inches.

What is being done

The Massassauga snake is protected from harassment or killing under Ontario's Wildlife Conservation Act. and the new Ontario Endangered Species Act.