St Jerome Emiliani

Patron of Orphans and Abandoned Children

Hi there my names Emma and I am gonna tell you about a wonderful Saint called St Jerome Emiliani he devoted his life to looking after unloved children.


he was born into a noble family in venice italy and was canonized in 1767 by pope benedict

St Jerome Emiliani's life

Imprison for years he embraced god. He later returned to Venice where he was born and trained to become a priest he devoted himself to the poor and the suffering and especially orphans. He became their family. He committed his life to helping them he founded orphanages hospital's shelter's and school's. He took I'll with the plague while caring for others and died in 1537.

Feast day February 8th


Dear St Jerome Emiliani watch over all the children who are abandoned or unloved. Give us the courage to show them Gods love through our care. Help us to lode th chains that keep us frame living the life God intended for us.
So there you have it all the facts you need to know about this wonderful man!