Presidential Problems

Why was it so hard to be President during the early years?

George Washington, first President

At first President Washington did not want to run again but got persuaded into it. It is very hard to be political leader but back then, it was nearly impossible to start off as one of the first president. One big issue America was having is funds. The Congress had the power to raise taxes but there was an argument about what to tax and how much to tax. Congress finally agreed to place a tax on whiskey and other goods, like carriages. Settlers living west of the Appalachian Mountains didn't like this idea. Lots of farmers complained that the tax made their whiskey too expensive, and they refused to pay it. Congress then decided to lower the tax, most farmers started to pay again but some still refused. They called themselves the 'Whiskey boys'. Washington and Alexander Hamilton saw this as a threat and led 13,000 state militia troops across the mountains to get rid of them. After his second term Washington announced that he would not run again. He made a message called 'Washington's Farewell Address' in it he told the Americans to not forget what they have fought for. It's hard to be first at anything let alone president. The first presidents have to make the rules final, have to have great responsibilities, and be able to handle the pressure .