Henrico County

Come live in Henrico

Henrico County

Henrico in square miles: 245 sq miles

Population of Henrico county is 314,932

Description of the population: Henrico County is a rural area. Some people like to run and walk there dogs when they come home from work and some people like to go the park. Some other things that people like to do is go out to eat and they go see a movie after, they also like to go to the mountains and hike. The Henrico Education Inc. established itself as the vehicle for individuals and businesses to support public education in Henrico County, Virginia. The mission statement of Henrico County Public Schools states that it will try to impact four areas.

  • Supporting the need of teachers and students
  • Recognizing the accomplishments of students, teachers, and staff
  • Providing a K-12 grants program to support innovative initiatives that extend curricula and extend student learning opportunities
  • Developing business and community partnerships in support of schools.

Henrico Government

Henrico County has a 3 branch government

  • The Executive Branch which is headed by the County Manager which passes the laws
  • The Legislative Branch is
  • The Judicial Branch is headed by the Court of Appeals

The courts are organized in the following order:

  • The Court of Appeals
  • The District Courts
  • The Juvenile and domestic relations courts

I think that the most important county services are Water Quality and Road Maintenance

  • Water Quality- It makes sure that water is clean so people don't get sick and possibly die
  • Road Maintenance- Makes sure that the roads are safe to drive on they repair bridges, remove snow and ice, the make sure the road and drainage system maintenance.

Henrico Fun Facts

Henrico was founded in 1634

Henrico was named after the son of King James, Henry Frederick Prince of Wales

Some tourist attractions are: Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, The Funny Bone Comedy Club, Three Lakes Park, and The Virginia Aviation Museum.


By Esteban and Jacob


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