French Enlightenment writer, historian, and philosopher


"If God Did Not Exist It Would Be Necessary To Invent Him"

"Common Sense Is Not So Common"

"The Secret Of Being Boring Is to Say Everything"

Early Life

  • Voltaire was born November 21, 1694 in Paris,France
  • He went to school at Lycee Louis-Le-Grand
  • He was a poet, Play-writer, and a phliospher

About His Family

  • His father was a notary of median talents and he owns some property.
  • His mom died when he was only 7 yeas old
  • His family was in the upper-class


Everyone Must Jump After His Own Fashion

His Famous Book

Voltaire famous book is Candide. It's about a boy being indoctrinated by his mintor

His Opponent

The church was against him because Voltaire was saying speak you fro yourself and the church didn't like that
Voltaire Biography