Year 2 Newsletter

14th February 2014

What have we done this week?

The children's hard work was showcased this week during their very successful class assembly. They have thoroughly enjoyed using 'The Firebird' as a springboard for this topic and should be congratulated on their progress and enthusiasm throughout these 5 weeks!

In literacy this week we looked at and compared two new books with the common theme of fire, 'The Tiger Child' and 'The Rabbit who stole fire'. Some children created individual storyboards of 'The Tiger Child', whilst others have planned and written their own fire-inspired stories.

Our maths this week has had us exploring weight, looking at what 100g or a kilogram of something looks like, as well as ordering objects by their weight.

In PSHE, we looked at kindness both in and out of the classroom and what we can do to make sure the playground is a happy environment for everyone.

Spring Term 2nd Half

Our upcoming topic is 'Crime Scene Investigation!' We will be looking at mysteries in a variety of subjects, looking to solve them using our investigative skills! The children will make a model of a house and design a burglar alarm to catch our unsuspecting thief (any shoe boxes you have would be welcomed). In literacy, our focus will shift to non-fiction texts, focusing on information texts and reports. This will link with our history, where the children will interview a family member to find out about personal histories, as well as creating their own. Our art will focus on using this information and presenting it in different creative ways, including within our own fingerprints on an enlarged scale! Our geography sessions will look at map skills in more detail, including using coordinates (maths link) and ordnance survey map features.

Activities in preparation for Book Week March 3rd - 7th

Thank you to the few children who have given in photos and books so far - please consider looking into one (or more!) of the activities below over the half term break so as many children as possible participate in preparation for book week.

Book bus stop all children can bring in a book that they no longer want to swap for one they do! Tokens will be given to children who bring in unwanted books that, in turn can be ‘spent’ to take a new book home. A faux bus stop will be set up in the atrium (large cardboard bus on moveable display boards) with a bench and a basket of books for children to read during the course of the week so that children can stop, and read a book at the bus stop! Time will be allocated for children to ‘spend’ their token and take home a new book. All books ready to swap must be in by Friday 28th February

Shelfies Children to take photos of their bookshelves at home and bring them in for a display (in Media Centre). Children could write a line or two underneath to explain how they organise their shelves. To be displayed on a board in the Media Centre. All photos must be in by Friday 28th February for display

Read a book in an unusual place Children photograph themselves (or ask their parents to photograph them) in an unusual place reading a book (in the bath, upside down etc). Bring photos in for a display. Photos in by Friday 14th February for display

Parade On Friday 7th March, children dress up in a character/something related to a book about journeys. Parade around (inside) school with parents standing at the sides (like International day)