Earth Worms

Invasive Species

How to identify Earth worm infestations

Earthworms like moist areas fore example soil and most likely found in gardens but can be found almost anywhere outside even on your driveway and are about a few inches long. Autumn is when earthworms like to come out and play.
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Earth worms effects

Earth worms effect an ecosystems environment a lot and having them in an ecosystem isn't bad but, if there is an overpopulation of earthworms it could cause predators of them for example moles, to be attracted to that area of the ecosystem. This could cause over population of moles and mess up a food chain. Earth worms can also make soil structure un compact and brittle which effects the way roots from trees grow but, also can change the chemicals property of the soil which effects other species in the ecosystem

How to remove earth worms

There are various methods of removing earth worms one way is that because earth worms do not seek soil with high acidic levels you can spread a product that intentionally increases the acidity of the soil which wards of the earth worms to leave the area but this product has to be reapplied every 2-4 weeks otherwise they could come back. Another way of removing earth worms is using a safe chemical that make them come to the surface and then makes them easy to collect and remove from the environment but, on the other hand you can use a different chemical that can intentionally kill the earthworms but that chemical is not always suitable to be sprayed on grass

Clean up

The clean up is important because invasive species are not a good thing for ecosystems in most cases so helping fix this problem is very important to help the environment be as healthy as possible.